Meri Taxi 24

About Safety

We understand that you may need some help getting around town, therefore we have established a Taxi Service. We take pride in providing safe transportation for all our passengers. Our drivers undergo extensive background checks upon hire, they are drug tested at random intervals, and carry state issued licenses. All vehicles are fully insured, and customer satisfaction is always our top priority. We strive to provide excellent service to all our clients.

Customer Safety

We want our customer to feel safe while riding with us, so we do everything possible to make sure our passengers feel safe whether they’re traveling alone or with friends. Our company has implemented many measures to ensure the safety of our customers, including background checks, drug screening, random breath testing, passenger reviews, GPS tracking, and a fully staffed office where you can talk to a manager if something happens.

Driver Training

All of our certified drivers go through a rigorous training program, including classroom instruction and hands-on practice driving. Once trained, our drivers receive continuing professional education opportunities to update their skills. We believe that the safest way to travel is to train our drivers thoroughly and check in regularly with them to ensure they are operating safely.

Insurred Cabs

In addition to providing a safe ride, we also insure each driver’s car for your protection. This insurance covers the car and is automatically renewed annually.

GPS Tracking

A GPS tracking system is installed in every vehicle. The system enables us to track where each vehicle is going, how many people are riding inside, and what times of day they are using the vehicle. Customers can also monitor the location of their cab at any given time via the website.

Driver Qualifications

The qualifications for being a driver at Taxi Service includes having a  Excellent Communication and Interpersonal Skills, A warm and approachable manner, Competent driving skills, good geographical knowledge, Time Management Skills, Good technical knowledge of vehicles.


Our drivers are professionals. We maintain their vehicles well and offer them ongoing training and education about the industry.

Towing & Roadside Assistance

Our licensed dispatch center makes sure that every order is assigned to a driver who is nearby. If your driver is feeling sick or need medical assistance, call us, and we’ll send over a representative who can assist you. Our roadside assistance program is here to help. If you happen to break down along the way, we can arrange towing services.

Customer Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction. If you don’t love our service, please let us know. You may request changes at any time.